Stylish Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Many times, countertops get overlooked when designing the kitchen space due to many owners not having the knowledge that there are numerous different options to choose from. The following stylish kitchen countertop ideas will inspire your next renovation.

Raw Concrete
The look of raw concrete is sleek and modern which allows it to work well with darker, more elegant hues such as black. Pair with metal touches such as metallic light fixtures and/or metallic knobs for a bit of eclectic.

Raw concrete is super trendy at the moment due to its modern look and feel. The key is utilizing a chunky Caesarstone that has a raw concrete aesthetic. The sleekness of the concrete allows you to go bold with your décor while still being a standout piece in the kitchen.

Lacquered Copper
Navy is an excellent complimentary color for a copper countertop, you may even want to add bits of red throughout the space to allow the orange undertones in copper to make the statement they are intended to make. Ensure you add copper kitchen essentials to truly focus on the color.

Copper is coming back in a big way- mainly due to its golden, auburn undertones. However, many tend to shy away from a copper countertop due to it having the ability to turn green when it is wet for an extended period of time. To avoid this from happening you want to have the countertop lacquered before installing it. Use shades of blue and green to accentuate the golden undertones in the copper hue.

Granite Countertop and Backdrop
Granite comes in numerous different finishes and hues, which is why many love the idea of using it in the kitchen space. Additionally, it is extremely durable and versatile.

If you have a small kitchen yet want to make a big impact, there is no greater way to do so than to combine a simple granite countertop with a matching backdrop. The matchy-matchy aesthetics of it allows the area to feel bigger than it actually is while making a trendy impact.

Butcher Block
Butcher block offers a farmhouse vibe that is quite relaxing and intimate. Pair your butcher block with shades of gray, blue, and/or warm tones to ensure the space has that classic appeal to it that makes sense and elevates the space.

If you want to create a cozier visual using a butcher block as the main countertop used is the way to go. Having butcher block creates an informal feel that is still elegant, pair with crisp white cabinets to complete the look.

Glass Top
The beauty of having a glass countertop as part of your countertop or kitchen island is its versatility with color. The sleekness of the glass allows you to work in as much color as you would like without appearing “overbearing.”

Having a glass countertop may not seem like the most versatile thing to have. However, instead of using it all over the kitchen us it as part of your kitchen island. The glass is sleek and crisp while having that modern undertone, merge your glass to with a glossy marble for a chic pairing.

Mix & Match
Take two like-minded countertop materials and use them throughout your space for a cohesive look that is still interesting and unique. Use white marble and pair it with granite for that sophisticated elegance that simple comes to life when you use pastels and hints of bold hues.

Why use one countertop material when you can work in two-three different ones. Using more than one countertop material has become a huge trend, especially for those that want to have a modern touch. Use one material for your countertops and incorporate another as part of your kitchen island. The key is using similar tones in both of the materials that you decide to use.