Green Kitchens Ideas for 2019

So much so that we have put together a list of green kitchens that are sure to make you envy every bit of this trend.

Green Breakfast Nook
If you are not a fan of deep greens consider a moss green instead. The hue is the perfect blend of a dark green with navy undertones and gray undertones plus it works well anywhere it is placed even if you do not combine it with any kitchen accents.

Heres how you can achieve the look of a green kitchen without having to have a green kitchen- paint your breakfast nook a shade of green and tie the look all together with green bits in the kitchen. Consider adding a green rug to further enhance your new kitchen décor.

Green Cabinets
Why only paint your kitchen cabinets green when you can paint most of your kitchen surfaces green as well. The idea is to bring a unique touch of green in a bold manner. Pair with metallic bits and/or neutrals for a well-rounded appeal.

Nothing brings a kitchen back to life quite like giving your cabinets a fresh new coat of paint. Select a lighter hue for smaller kitchens that need a brightening effect. Or use a darker hue for a more elegant, edgy touch. Pair with white touches throughout the space to make the room come to life.

Bring on the Wallpaper
Consider having a fresh green wallpaper, what this means is the wallpaper has some sort of natural element to it. Perhaps the pattern is a bit softer or there is a floral aspect to it. Either way a natural feel to your wallpaper will bring a classic simplicity.

Wallpaper is no longer what it used to be- it used to be considered “old fashion” now its fresh and fun. The key is working with a patterned wallpaper that comes through as bold yet subtle with just the “right” amount of green. Use a green shade that has a blue undertone.

Green Gingham
We love a classic gingham pattern anywhere in the home, especially in a simple shade of green. Pair with a bolder shade of green for a balanced look that creates a dynamic contrast. Keep the rest of the decor to a minimum for a beautiful display.

Who doesn’t love the idea of gingham? We are absolute fans of this pattern because of how bold it can be. Use it as part of your ceiling décor to bring extremely high ceilings down to a level that is comfortable for your liking. Combine your gingham pattern with other green shades throughout the space to tie your décor together.